Welcome to the Responsible Technology Academy.

The Responsible Technology Academy (RTA) is the world's first academy designed to empower ecosystems for a better internet future.

internet is endangering societies, individuals and democracies. To build a human-centric internet ecosystem and accountable technology, we need cross-discipline community building and knowledge transfers. The Responsible Technology Academy identifies expertise needs, and curates services to empower its clients with the necessary tools.

empowering builders, communities, and businesses for a human-centric internet ecosystem


social platforms

investigative journalists

venture capital firms



specialty areas

investigating technology companies

Journalists know how to identify corruption and issues in power relations. We equip them with the necessary skills to identify malpractices, violations and corruption in technology systems.

building data privacy skills

young people need tools, skillsets and knowledge to understand the impact of technology on their privacy. We conduct workshops, trainings and courses to help young people get in charge of their data privacy.

trust & safety assessments

platforms contain hate speech, disinformation, and adult content, making the digital ecosystem dangerous for us and our society. We conduct assessments of technology companies, and teach investors how they can invest in "good tech."

data scraping legislations for builders and engineers

engineers usually are not aware of the legal ecosystem that dictate how they can use data. We conduct sessions to help them understand what the law says about building products.







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